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Smart Mobile Tech is your trusted technology provider for mobile payments, covering DCB, app store subscriptions, and credit cards. With a strong presence in the EMEA region, we bring pre-established connections with tier-1 master aggregators to the table.

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About Us

Backed by our parent company Mobile Arts, our vision is simple: We aim to be the one-stop solution for digital content owners, including app owners and content providers. 

Our comprehensive solution covers everything, from content hosting to seamless payment connections with multiple methods, all the way to a versatile advertising toolkit.

For enterprises, planning to build their cloud-based Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) platform, our experienced team, with over 15 years in mobile payments, will guide you through every step of the way, starting from project vision taking you through the implementation process and reaching technical setup.

Your Mobile Payment Hub

Direct Carrier Billing

Our DCB solution simplifies mobile payments by offering a convenient and secure way for customers to access digital content and services while providing businesses with a streamlined payment method.

App Store Subscription

We facilitate app store subscription services, enabling businesses to monetize their apps and content effectively. This service helps maximize recurring revenue streams, enhance user retention, and simplify subscription management.

Credit Card Integration

Our offers are designed to seamlessly support credit card integrations, allowing businesses to facilitate smooth and secure transactions through their preferred credit card providers.

What We Offer

Our hosting solutions support static files or APIs. We offer content hosting, portal customization, payment integration, and advertising options. Explore DCB Services for quicker launches and reach unbanked customers through our established connections.

Access to DCB Connectivity

Ready to Launch Faster? Explore DCB Services for the Unbanked!

  • Access to Europe & MENA region
  • Direct connections to DCB aggregators worldwide
  • Single set-up API integration
  • Customizable services’ landing pages
  • Compliant & fraud-free landing pages
  • Advanced reporting & analytics
  • 24/7 support
  • Expanded reach

Content Development

Develop tailored content without any technical know-how with our content hosting and development capabilities, and benefit from our landing pages offering the flexibility to create tailored content, while ensuring speed and responsiveness.

  • No code development
  • Customizable landing pages
  • Pre-made templates
  • Faster loading times
  • Scalable resources

Launch your own DCB venture in the DCB world with our innovative technologies.

From lifecycle user management to subscription management, one-time payments, and versatile DCB flows (OPT, 2-click, 1-click, SMS), we’ve got you covered. Our toolkit includes compliance tools, fraud prevention, and powerful BI analytics.

Private Label Solution

Seize the opportunity to expand your brand into new markets. Our highly customizable platform can be tailored to meet your unique business needs.

All-in-One Platform

Our all-in-one platform combines powerful insights and cutting-edge algorithms to manage subscriptions seamlessly.
Effectively control DCB subscription services from landing page creation and user lifecycle management to subscription management and BI reports.

AI-Powered Marketing

Our comprehensive suite of compliance tools includes advanced anomaly detection and banner compliance, ensuring a secure and effective approach to enhance your campaigns.

Initiate your campaigns using our social media and Google Ad accounts. Explore a wide array of offers, from credit card and in-app purchases worldwide to exclusive DCB offers tailored for EMENA markets.

Seamless Integration

One-time integration for MobiBox SDK.


Access markets swiftly by advertising everywhere through preapproved services, and skipping lengthy set-ups.

Customized Funnels

Build your own conversion funnel including themes and landing pages tailored to your goals and needs.

Dynamic Reporting & Analytics

Benefit from comprehensive analytics, real-time reporting with customized dashboards, and anomaly detection to stay informed 24/7.

Games and Content

Logo secret box

Secret Box

The Secret Box app is designed to prioritize your privacy and security, ensuring that your personal data remains personal. With a number of features to secure your digital life, Secret Box will maintain your privacy.

Logo Games Box 1

Games Box

With the classic 15-puzzle game, Games Box asks you to arrange the numbered blocks back in order. This game is made for pros, your enemy is the clock and your ally is your vision! Do you think it's easy? Well, try to finish it on time!


Amazing Videos

Meet Amazing Videos! This app is your hub for the latest and greatest videos, from funny moments to sports, animals, and nature. It's all here, and it's all free!

Smart Cleaner Logo

Phone Guard

Phone Guard is the ultimate cleaning app and guard for your Phone! This app will optimize and clean up your phone storage from junk files, free up space, and lock sensitive apps to ensure your phone stays secure.



Welcome to the NFT creator world! Our app is your free ticket to the NFT universe. Easily design and create NFT art with us – it's that simple!


AI Avatar

Meet AI Avatar, the app that uses AI magic to craft personalized avatar images. Easily create your unique digital identity and dive into the world of AI-generated avatars!

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